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A good pre-workout should give you focus, energy, endurance and pumps. With so many pre-workout powders out there, how do you choose? Start with ingredients. They should be of high quality, in effective doses and work well with one another. That is how we set the bar for our pre-workout when coming up with our MAAD Boost formula. We use pure ingredients in effective doses which you can see on our label. No proprietary blends or fillers!

We started with arginine and citrulline. These two provide a combo punch of nitric oxide production and fatigue delay. You'll have great pumps and delay fatigue so you can keep pushing through your whole workout. We then moved on to energy and focus and for that, we called upon the oldie but goodie.. Caffeine. We finished it off with beta-alanine and taurine to further the effects of the others as well as add a little strength increase during your weight sessions as well as an itch to keep going.

At MAAD Muscle, we care about our bodies and what we put in them so we made MAAD Boost with 100% pure ingredients, no proprietary blends and no fillers! What the label claims is what you get, so you can count on MAAD Boost to get you going in the gym and get the most out of your workout!


Caffeine Anhydrous is believed to improve mental and athletic capabilities by increasing alertness, decreasing fatigue and improving athletic functions. It takes effect within fifteen minutes of ingestion and can last up to an hour. With no chemical difference between anhydrous and regular caffeine, our dosage gives you about the same amount of energy as a cup of coffee.

Beta Alanine is a non-essential amino acid used to increase athletic performance and recovery and has been shown to reduce and delay muscle fatigue as well as enhance power output.

Arginine is known for helping the body produce protein, improving muscle pumps and performance in the gym and increasing Nitric Oxide and blood flow.

L-Citrulline Malate is a precursor to Arginine so it indirectly boosts Nitric Oxide levels which increases pumps, delays fatigue, increases strength, enhances amino-acid utilization and improves endurance.

Taurine is an organic acid that is associated with physical improvements because it increases your ability to exercise without influencing body composition and also decreases Triacylglycerol which is a primary component of body fat in humans.


Mix one scoop of our MAAD Boost with 6oz to 8oz of water 15 minutes prior to your workout. Amount of water can be adjusted for desired flavor.


Do not exceed more than one scoop per day!